Fusion with Musicians

Fusion with Musicians    This post is about the artists and bands who we are friends with, we played together, […]

France 2017

Our performances were very successful and fruitful in France. The band were invited to play on the 16th Festival des […]

Transylvania 2017

Transylvania 2017    In december 2017 we’ve organised a mini tour to Transylvania. One of the goals of the tour […]

Mediawave 2018

Mediawave 2018    DzsinnKalaDzsi will be exclusively present during the 2018’s Mediawave Film and Music Festival. After a successful introduction […]

A Spoonful of Mongolia

A Spoonful of Mongolia    We’ve made a short music film back in 2017. We have recorded it on the […]

Places and Events we like

Places and Events we like   This post is about the events and programs that offer something special. Places where […]

Gastro-Music Afternoon

  Spend an afternoon with DzsinnKalaDzsi! We are constantly organising special afternoons at City Nomads Galery, Budapest. From 13:00 to […]

Amsterdam 2017

We’ve got invited to Amsterdam by our friends, the band Bandgladesh. We spent two busy weeks there, involving workshops, performances […]

Upcoming Concerts

   You can see and hear us next time at the following places: Uploading in progress !!! 🙂 QR code […]